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MyMemory gets integrated into memoQ

With an increase of 193.3% of translated segments, MyMemory gives to translators a bigger and bigger archive of human suggestions already translated.

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Rome 09/29/2011., the multi-language service provider that offers full localization services all around the world, announces the integration of MyMemory , the World’s Biggest Translation Memory, into memoQ 5 cat tool by a free plugin.

The memoQ 5 software connects in real-time to MyMemory application providing the translator with over 440 million human suggestions already translated, so translators don’t have to do the same translation over again. MyMemory's archive has increased by 193.3% from 2009 to 2011. It increased from 150 million human contributions in 2009 to 440 million today, and is continually expanding.

This means that users of cat tools like memoQ will have access to a bigger and bigger archive of free professional translations. MyMemory is already integrated with other cat tools like Trados 2009, Multicorpora, Lingotek and ClayTablet. Today, MyMemory is the most downloaded plugin among all those available for Trados 2009. You can download the free plugin from the following URL:

About MyMemory:
MyMemory is the World’s Biggest Translation Memory. MyMemory's archive contains over 440 million professional translations classified on the basis of specific context.

MyMemory has been developed by Translated , a multi-language service provider that offers full localization services and manages relationships with more than 56.463 professional translators in over 110 countries. Translated uses NLP (Natural Language Processing) technologies and artificial intelligence to help translators focus on what they do best: translating new content.

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