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The Greenify and Apex Launcher comboOne of the easiest tricks to enable the tap-to-sleep and tap-to-wake option on a phone is to have it rooted. In order for the app to let you use a simple double-tap gesture to control your device, it needs root access, which is something that many of you might not have.If that’s your case, you can use these two applications to take advantage of the same functions without having to root. The first and most important step is to go to Google Play and look for bothApex Launcherand Greenify. Once youdownloaded and installed each one of them, do as shown below:1.Launch the Apex app and go to Settings.2.Choose Behavior Settings, and then select Desktop double tap.3.On the following menu, select Launch shortcut and wait.4.Choose the Hibernate & Lock Screen one and close the app.Now that you changed all settings in Apex Launcher, you will also needto use Greenify. The latter will help you unlock the screen, so that it can be freely used to give commands to the phone. When you selected theHibernate and Lock Screenoption in the first app, Greenify should’ve automatically launched a window to ask for your permission. When this happens, do as follows:1.Wait for the discussion to launch and read the info.2.Tick the option under Greenify Automator and click Activate.3.This one should read “Allow Greenify to turn off screen immediately after automated hibernation.”Whenever you want to disable this option and go back to using your Power button, you can simply launch Greenfy and go to the same menu as before. Clicking on the previously-mentioned setting, tap Deactivate and you’re done.


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