Activating extra quota

Current version of CafeTran requires a manual whitelisting by the user.

  1. Go to the CafeTran Options and open the MT Services tab.

    CafeTran MT Service tab

  2. Select MyMemory checkbox to activate suggestions from MyMemory.
  3. Choose the language pair you want Mymemory to send suggestions for and check the Automatic box to have CafeTran always ask suggestions to MyMemory.
  4. In MyMemory API parameters box put the string If some other parameter is already specified, just append the string to it with a & as a separator, using no whitespaces. This way, you'll be identified at MyMemory as a CafeTran user.
  5. The activation of the CafeTran integration with MyMemory is now complete. From now on you will obtain a lot more matches from MyMemory.