Use MyMemory directly from your CAT tool

With MyMemory you can create and import in your CAT tool customized TMs for any project. Moreover, MyMemory is designed so that CAT tool vendors can easily integrate it into their software.

  TMX Import
Import TMs generated by MyMemory (see how to create a TM).
Get Matches
Get matches from MyMemory right in your CAT tool.
Set Matches
Get matches and save them in your private MyMemory account.
How does the integration work?
Most popular CAT tools
MateCat Native integration
CafeTran   How?
Déjà Vu (DVX2)    
Google Translator Toolkit      
memoQ    How?
Multitrans (> 4.4 R2) How?
Okapi Framework     How?
OmegaT (>v3.0.4 Update 2)    
SDL Trados Studio (from 2009 to 2021 versions) How?
Trados 6, 7, 8 (2007)     How?
Wordfast Classic    
Wordfast Anywhere    
Other CAT tools
Alchemy CATALYST      
Fortis Revolution      
Heartsome Translation Studio      
Open Language Tools      
SDL Passolo      
STAR Transit      

Is your CAT tool missing from the list? Let us know and we'll add it.

Next generation CAT tools will connect to huge, shared on-line translation memories

Imagine a CAT tool connected via the internet to an enormous, centralized translation memory containing every professionally translated sentence in the world.

For each new segment to translate, you would be presented with the optimum match from hundreds of millions of segments. With a single key stroke, you could find translations and contextualized examples for specialist terminology from any field.

The MyMemory Application Programming Interface achieves this by allowing CAT tools to connect to MyMemory (via a web service) as simply as if it were an ordinary local translation memory.

Are you a CAT tool producer? Partner to build MyMemory into your next release

We are looking for partners committed to implementing full-feature MyMemory support as part of their next release. The objectives of partnership are to supply our over 45,000 registered translators with 'web-memory' CAT tools, and to promote web-enabled tools in the wider CAT market.

Here is how to start:

  1. You can implement a prototype MyMemory get/match call in minutes: direct your technical team to the API technical specifications.
  2. Contact to find out how we can co-operate.

Are you a translator? Help spread the word!

MyMemory-CAT integration means: a huge increase in high-quality matches, fast and accurate verification of specialist terminology and consolidation of disaggregated local memories into a single searchable knowledge base.

You can help us realize this vision sooner by communicating the importance of this project to your preferred CAT tool producers. Contact details for the major providers and a template email are provided below:

1) Contact the key vendors now: Déjà vu, WordFast, Star Transit

2) Send this page to colleague(s): send to colleague