MyMemory: API usage limits


Searches MyMemory for matches against a segment.

MyMemory tracks it usage in words. This means that it doesn't matter how many requests you submit to consult the archive, but the weight of each request.

Free, anonymous usage is limited to 5000 chars/day.

Provide a valid email ('de' parameter), where we can reach you in case of troubles, and enjoy 50000 chars/day.

Are you a CAT tool maker? Get whitelisted! Write us and get 150000 chars/day!*

If you are interested in even larger volumes, have a look at our RapidAPI plans!

Don't forget to check out carefully our Terms of Service, also.

* Note for developers:
Please bear in mind that we are eager to include in whitelisting program only estabilished projects of interest (have a look at "Most popular CAT tools" under CAT section, to get an idea of required market share).
Personal projects or "in development" stuff, projects that just use the "get" endpoint without contributing to MyMemory using the "set" endpoint, never qualify for the whitelisting.
Requests failing in complying with such minimum directive will be disregarded.


Generates the key associated with a username.

To prevent abuse, we keep track of call rate and enforce limits when necessary.


Contributes a translation unit (segment and translation) in some language pair to MyMemory.

This is never limited.